is an infection caused by blood fluke specifically “Schistosoma Japonicum” and it is acquired through infection from fresh water infested by larva cercariae with adequate toilet facilities, it is transmitted by infected humans through their feces containing schistosome egs that is discharged into these waters.

The province of Oriental Mindoro has 4 Schistosomiasis endemic municipalities surrounding Naujan Lake namely Naujan Pola, Socorro and Victoria, it was in 2009 when these municipalities started their Mass Treatment/Mass Drug Administration

Global Status of Schistosomiasis

– The World Health Organization estimates that over 200 Million people are infected.

– 20 Million severe disability

– 120 Million symptomatics

– 80 Million asymptomatic

– 207 Million infected in 74 countries

– Mortality in hepato splenic form related to bleeding from collateral shunting of blood through esophageal veins exceeds 100,000/year, 280,000 deaths / year

– Second only to malaria as a major cause of morbidity and mortality from parasites.

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