Rabies is a zoonosis, and human infection usually occurs following a transdermal bite or scratch by an infected animal. Transmission may also occur when infectious material, usually saliva, comes into direct contact with the victim’s  mucosa or with fresh skin lesions. Very rarely, rabies may occur through inhalation of virus-containing aerosol or via infected organ  transplants.


  • Human rabies is mainly confined to some countries in Asia  and Africa. The Indian Sub continent account for 80% of the Global human deaths due to Rabies.
  • India alone reports about 30,000 human deaths / year   (WHO 1996).
  • In India rabies is reported from all states except Lakshadweep and the Andaman and Nicobar Islands.
  • No age or sex predilections (higher incidence among children and adult Males).
  • 95% of human rabies cases are due to bites from Rabid dogs

 RABIES – Global Situation

       –  A neglected disease that is 99.9% fatal but 100% preventable

       –  Globality it is the 10th leading cause of death due to infection in humans

       –  China – Leading Cause of infectious disease mortality in 2006

       –  Predominantly affects poor people in developing countries around 10 million are exposed


       –  60,000 deaths annually, mostly in Asia and Africa 99% in developing countries

       –  50% are children <15 years old

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