What is AIDS? 

This is Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome, it is the appearance of clinical manifestation of HIV infection. in this state, the person presents with opportunistic infections of unlimited extents and possibilities. They also present with a typical presentation and severity. Person with AIDS is very infectious, they are vey ill an also prone to aggressive kinds of cancer.

What is HIV?

It’s viral infection that attacks and slowly destroys the immune system if the infected person that leads to “immune deficiency”. it is progressive and can lead to lack of body defense to all kinds of infection including those that don’t normally infect man and can also lead to cancer susceptibility.


How is HIV Transmitted?

The virus is passed on to another person through infected blood like blood stained needles/medical instrumentations, sexual contacts between casual acquaintances or with strangers/multiple partners, or partners of infected OFW, sharing of needles among drug users or accidental needle pricking or trauma among health professionals. HIV infected individuals can infect unsuspecting contacts because of their normal looking physique. Spread of the disease happens before identification of the disease is the most treacherous of all possibilities.

Where do i go to get tested?

Your local health department , community clinic, private doctor or family planning clinics are all good resources to check into for STI testing.